Ingrid Sampson, our Choir  Director has a bachelor of Music in Music Education from Bucknell University and has studied Kodaly Music education training, Level I: Orff-Schulwerk Music Education training, Level I: voice teaching and some teaching assignments.

Rayna Woodford is  our accompanist for the choir and worship.  Growing up in SJU, she was our first accompanist in 1968.  She has a B.A. and Masters from Howard University, with post graduate studies at Peabody and Towson University.   She is the middle school Music Director and teacher at Glenelg Country School.

Yvonne Barner is our administrative assistant who has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland in English.  She comes to SJU with a

variety of experiences in office and consulting work with Marriott, The Enterprise Foundation, and the Rouse Company.

Mary Ka Kanahan became the lead pastor of SJU in July 2013.  She was born and raised in Baltimore County, MD. She attended the University of Maryland (BS, Recreation) and Wesley Theological Seminary (MDiv).  She is an ordained elder in full connection with the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the UMC.

             Mary Ka brings gifts for ministry in the areas of leadership, mission and teaching.  Her passion is for people to be transformed in relationship to God and one another through study and spiritual practices, particularly in small group community, as they follow Jesus Christ.  She has served as Pastor for Spiritual Formation and Pastor for Community Life in other local UM congregations.

            Mary Ka enjoys local and international travel, vacationing on the Delaware shore, and spending time with her family; two sons.  She lives in nearby Ellicott City and can be found out and around the community! She also enjoys the rich culture of historic Baltimore and Washington, D.C.