The Sanctuary

You enter the double doors to Room 4. A greeter shakes your hand and welcomes you to the service. You pick up a bulletin and hymnal, or maybe two hymnals, from a table by the door. 

The Worship Service 

After finding a parking space, you walk into the Interfaith Center. You see people all around, some hurrying and some standing and chatting. There are voices in English and Spanish; the Spanish language Mass is held from 9 AM until 10 AM in Room 4, the same room that St. John United uses from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM. 

You look around. There is no stained glass. Preludes are being played on a piano; there is no organ. Most of the worshipers are dressed casually. You fit in. 

The choir comes in and sings the Introit. Wow! 

The Pastor welcomes everyone. We sing, pray, and hear Old and New Testament texts.  Then there is a moment for the children. They come forward and talk with the Pastor. Now we sit back for the sermon, share our blessings, and conclude with more prayer and song. 

Once a month, usually on the first Sunday, we celebrate Communion, a ritual meal of bread and wine (grape juice, really) like the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples. All are welcome! On this Sunday, too, we collect nonperishable food and cash for the food pantry at Christian Services of Howard County.


After the benediction, you leave the Sanctuary and cross the hall into the open doors of Room 10/11. You enjoy a cookie, some fruit, cheese, and a cup of coffee or juice. You talk with the Pastor and other members. 

Thanks for visiting! We look forward to seeing you again.