Celebrating Christian worship in an inclusive, non traditional setting, our Sunday services offer a blend of the Methodist and Presbyterian faiths.  Sermons provide spiritual messages for practical application to the issues of the world today.  A portion of the service is directed to youth and includes their active participation.


Our outreach ministries provide caring and support to the community, befitting our approach of being united in love, united for service.  We welcome all to come as you are and worship with us.


Sunday Worship, 10:30 am
Room 4, Wilde Lake Interfaith Center   


Fellowship, Room 10/11, 11:30 am

Noteworthy Services

  • Lord’s Supper Service, First Sunday of every month, 10:30 am


Christian Education

  • Sunday School for Youth, 9 am

  • Adult Bible Study, 9 am

  • Adult Christian Applications, 9 am

  • Small Group Studies. Call the office (410-730-9137) for place and time.

Read the Sunday bulletins for

March 1-8, 2020

Read the Sunday bulletins

for Feb 2-16, 2020

Special Services

Contact the office (SJUColumbia@gmail.com) to schedule

  • Baptisms

  • Weddings

  • Memorial Services and Funerals


PASTORAL CARE/VISITS: Contact the church office (410-730-9137).

PRAYER LINE: SJU provides a service for prayer requests of an urgent nature.

CONGREGATIONAL CARE COMMITTEE supports those who are hospitalized, ill, or have special needs at home.

CDs OF THE WORSHIP SERVICES are available to those who are unable to attend services regularly.